Travelling with Children: Breakdown Insurance

Breakdown insurance can be about more than just taking care of your car. While you are inside a moving vehicle you are protected from the elements, from other humans (mostly), and from creatures such as wild animals or roving dog packs. Those might seem like late night movie scenarios. Fiction borrows from life, and some of those things that go bump in the night are real. When your vehicle stalls beside the road, you instantly become more vulnerable than when you were a swiftly moving target, with the power to create a warm or cool sheltered environment.

The Voice on the Phone

Whether you are stranded beside a busy highway with one or more small children or frantically trying to get an infant out of a locked car, your breakdown agent is a kind voice of reason. He or she can quickly discover your options and have help headed your time in minutes.

Different Kinds of Breakdown Insurance

Of course, these two scenarios involve two or more different kinds of breakdown insurance. The first will benefit from simple roadside service where a qualified professional will show up with a van filled with all sorts of emergency supplies, possibly including bottled water, snacks and emergency blankets if the weather indicates a need. If you are far from home with your kids, Travel On coverage can help get you and your children to a better destination than the side of the road, whether that is back home, a hotel, a motel or just the warm waiting room of a repair facility.

The second scenario, which is scary and far too common, needs At-Home cover. At-Home takes care of those frustrating or frightening situations that can occur before you ever pull out of your drive. Dead battery, flat tire, keys locked in the car, lost keys or any number of odd situations can be solved by an on-the-spot service with a knowledgeable worker.

Safer Inside Than Out

Breakdown insurance means that you and your family can usually wait for help in the safest available spot: inside your car. Inside your car with locked doors and rolled up windows you are less likely to have unwanted visitors such as hitch-hikers, vagabonds, bears, opossums or unfriendly dogs. Your car provides a layer of protection not available to you when you and yours are in the open air.

When Outside is Safer Than In

There are times, however, when you and your family will be safer outside the car. If your car has stalled on a busy highway, you might want to move to a safer location. Try to extract everyone on the side of the vehicle farthest from traffic. Be sure to check for oncoming vehicles, and then move all members to an area well away from the road. If it is dark, try to take a light source and your phone with you.

Call your breakdown service when you are clear of traffic. If possible, wait in a well-lighted area such as a store or near a street lamp while help is on its way. Talk loudly, sing or play a radio, especially if you are in an area such as a national forest or nature park. In most cases, this will cause animals to avoid you.

Not Always About the Car

Whether you are traveling alone or with children, breakdown insurance provides an avenue for help to arrive quickly. It is a service to which you can reach out quickly to ask for help. With good breakdown cover and a preplanned itinerary, your vacation or day trip is likely to be a day of fun rather than a day of infamy.